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15/05/2008 21:37

Duel Weekz of GunZ on Xfire

Play free GunZ and win on  Xfire. To see more informations, click here.
11/05/2008 22:22

Halo 4

The following Bungie developer interview notes are a summary of everything Halo 4 the company talked about or what was hinted at. We dubbed it “The Secret Files” that puts one and one together. Every Halo fan obviously knows the (original) Halo trilogy is over (Halo 3 was left with an open ending)....
29/04/2008 17:29

Call of Duty 5

Call of Duty 5 will be the fifth installment of the series (ninth, counting expansion packs) and was confirmed on December 2, 2007. It is expected in Fall 2008 and will be available on all seventh generation consoles, as well as on PlayStation 2 and PC. The game will be about the World War II...
28/04/2008 11:30

Maple Story - Dutch Queen's Day Event

Period: 24/4/2008 - 8/5/2008
23/04/2008 23:00

America's Army on Vista

America's Army doesn't support Vista up to now. You can make it run on Vista by pressing right click and then <<Run as Administrator>>. That's all!!!
23/04/2008 12:27

Maple Story - Easter event

23/04/2008 12:26

Crysis - New single player Demo

Play through a complete mission of the Crysis Singleplayer Campaign...     ...and experience the full action and outstanding graphical quality the game has to offer. The download is about 1.8GB in size and features DX9 and DX10 content. Do not miss out this intensive demo that also...
23/04/2008 12:06

America's Army - Real Hero in People magazine

REAL HERO IN PEOPLE MAGAZINE Posted: 03 APR 08, by Phoenix "Who doesn't read People Magazine? It's always right there at the checkout counter. When they approached me to be in their March 31st issue honoring the Five Year Anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was stoked. It...
20/04/2008 13:37

Crysis in Planet War

A team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea.    All contact with the team is lost when the North Korean Government quickly seals off the area. The US responds by dispatching an elite team of Delta Force Operators to recon the...

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